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myCouponGenie design gives Brands, Retailers, Distributors and Shoppers access to a complete multichannel distribution front end delivery system for promotions and offers with back-end account dashboards for management, tracking and intelligence.


When I looked for existing solutions to help consumers find coupons, discounts, and promotional offers, I found products built from the advertiser’s point of view instead of the other way around.

Detroit, Mi (PRWEB) July 17, 2013

Suffering from advertising fatigue, and frustrated by the time it takes to find an offer that he could actually use, Michael Korson, founder and CEO of myCouponGenie, set out to build an application that would give consumers choice of offers delivered while protecting their privacy, simply and easily. He also set out to give retailers, merchants, and manufacturers what they wanted from a publisher. Multichannel distribution, real-time shopper intelligence, and SoLoMo features and capabilities were at the top of the list. myCouponGenie does that and much more.

“Like most consumers, I’m drowning in offers that aren’t relevant to my needs. I don’t have the 5 hours per week needed to research and manage promotional offers so I can use them every day.” says Mr. Korson. “When I looked for existing solutions to help consumers find coupons, discounts, and promotional offers, I found products built from the advertiser’s point of view instead of the other way around. I knew if consumers could get ease of use and relevant offers from an application, then, advertisers and retailers would achieve the results they desire in return.”

myCouponGenie provides retailers, merchants, and manufacturers multiple distribution channels from one dashboard including IOS and Android mobile apps, a Facebook app, a web app, email client, and video.

Brands that don’t have their own mobile native app can have presence on our app with their own brand button. Their brand button can easily be accessed by existing customers to track purchases, manage receipts, make purchases of current offers, or check their loyalty points. This eliminates the need for every business to have their own mobile app and the need for consumers to have hundreds of apps on their phone to interact with their favorite retailers. myCouponGenie members can choose to receive coupons, discounts, and promotional offers by category or select brand buttons. The system protects consumer’s identity but still allows them to see offers from hundreds of brands and local offers in their area. Plus, myCouponGenie provides the ability for consumers to convert those offers through traditional point-of-sale, e-commerce, m-commerce, and call centers. This makes the process of consumer acquisition for a new brand gradual instead of immediate after a relationship has been developed through great offers of quality goods and services.

“We feel by giving consumers choice of the channel distribution, the delivery method, and the categories they wish to see, myCouponGenie will increase revenue and brand loyalty to advertisers who distribute their offers on the myCoupongenie network”.

Our research shows that different users prefer different channels of communication. Mobile Apps are still the #1 choice as seen below in a recent study by Nielsen. Mobile app usage continues to climb to 25 hours per month vs. mobile web usage declining to 4 hours. See attached chart.

“Since consumers continue to prefer a mobile app for shopping engagement, we made sure our apps deliver all the functions and social integrations a shopper would expect.”

About myCouponGenie

myCouponGenie is a 100% opt-in digital marketing platform that connects retailers, merchants, and manufacturers with highly desired shoppers by efficiently distributing coupons, discounts and promotional offers through multiple channels including mobile, social, web, email, and video.

Established in 2010, myCouponGenie's mission is to provide the easiest, most innovative and intelligent digital promotional delivery platform for consumers and advertisers, powered by technology that redefines existing promotion distribution & consumption, saving everyone time and money.

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