How we came about

We developed My Coupon Genie out of pure frustration of using coupons and promotions conveniently with no embarrassment. We found that brands and businesses are equally frustrated with old and antiquated systems of advertising.

Working in the retail & service industries in our past & trying to be savvy shoppers ourselves, we understand how saving money is enjoyable. Seems like at one time or another, items we just purchased go on sale or were on sale without us realizing it. In the current age of mass marketing, you have to be organized and prepared to find and utilize promotions. It takes a lot of time and can be exhausting. Truthfully, shopping really doesn't work that way does it? That's why most people won't spend the time or put forth the effort to utilize promotional offers on a regular basis.

Have you ever left your coupon behind at home, maybe still in the printer, or did it expire and you didn't realize it until you have it rejected by the cashier at the checkout?

We all have searched for promotion codes haven't we? Isn't that why they have that box labeled "place your promotional code here"? So you begin to search, going to multiple sites claiming to have the promo code you need only to come-up empty handed after hours of searching?

Do you have lots of membership tags on your key chains, and dozens of membership cards in your wallet? How about all those paper receipts in our wallet that seemed to outweigh the actual cash? Yes, it's exhausting and takes the fun out of shopping.

This is why MyCouponGenie was founded. To deliver only the promotions you wish to receive, when you need them, with out the searching or printing to use them. GENIE wishes you to enjoy shopping and save money!

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